If you are in charge of installing and maintaining CLC Workbenches in your organization, you probably have a lot of questions about installers, licenses, and where do we put files for this and that.

This manual is written to answer these questions. It is primarily aimed towards client installations (i.e. the CLC Workbenches). For installing the CLC Bioinformatics Database and CLC Server, please refer to the installation chapter in the respective user manuals (see This user manual can also be found in pdf format: User_Manual.pdf

At the moment, the CLC Workbenches are:

In addition, there is the CLC Sequence Viewer which is very similar to the other Workbenches except when it comes to licensing (it is free) and plugins (some plugins cannot be installed in the CLC Sequence Viewer).

In the first part of this manual, we take a closer look at the deployment strategies. Then we go into details of the license system, followed by an explanation of the concept of plugins and workflows. Finally there is an overview chapter which tells you where to find all the different files in a client installation. This is useful when deploying the Workbench but also for back-up purposes.

We will not go into details of Linux installations, but if you need these details, please contact us.

Questions, comments and feedback on this manual are very welcome at